Dr. Karen Live - June 9, 2024

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With over forty years experience in martial arts, Rocco Ambrose is inheritor and grandmaster of the Wing Chun Do gung fu system as well as owner and chief instructor at Ambrose Academy of Wing Chun Do in Livonia, Michigan, recognized as one of the premier martial art academies in America.


I played hockey my entire life from the age of 7 until 20 and was able to play junior hockey after highschool in Colorado for a year before moving back to Detroit to pursue art and design. That is also the year I took up martial arts. I lived in Germany for 3 years and Shanghai for 1 during middle school and highschool and played hockey while I was there. 

Tim Kelly and I’m a fighter who started in Boxing, then Kickboxing and is now transitioning into Mixed Martial Arts

Coach Akio

Boxing can be a violent sport especially in the area of brain health. Why is brain health important to you in the sport and in what ways do you support and promote brain health?


Pro boxer




experiences and expertise with other athletes and martial artists and how has it affected their mental health, self esteem, emotional and physical health